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Lakeland CleanMax Cleanroom Apparel for Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Biotechnology and Life Sciences fields make an impact across medical processes and devices, agricultural innovations, and a variety of other fields. When selecting cleanroom apparel for these applications, look for:

  • 99.999% bacterial and particle filtration efficiencies
  • Microporous laminate film fabric, rather than SMS
  • Bound seam construction

Lakeland CleanMax disposable cleanroom apparel is a great fit for many biotechnology companies. Request a free sample today and to try it for yourself.

Biotechnology references the utilization of engineering, research, and development methodologies to transform biological substances that are suitable for a variety of commercial products. Its applications span across healthcare, agriculture, biomedical engineering, and various manufacturing fields.

Biotechnology is a diverse field, so some organizations have different requirements depending on the products they are developing. Often, medical, agricultural, technological, and environmental applications would require the use of a clean room and/or controlled environments in biotechnology.

The PPE a person needs is dependent on the hazards they encounter on the job. For biotechnology companies, that can include eye, respiratory, and dermal protection, among other types of protective workwear. When a clean room is introduced, the PPE required must protect the person, the environment, and the product being created.

Choosing the right disposable cleanroom apparel for biotechnology companies will vary based on the application, so check out this article for more helpful tips.

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