Lakeland CleanMax for Microelectronics Cleanrooms

Microelectronics designers and manufacturers rely on high-quality PPE to produce cutting-edge technologies. Lakeland CleanMax disposable cleanroom apparel is the premium choice for microelectronics applications, featuring:


  • Bound seams to reduce risk of breakthrough and strikethrough
  • 99.999% bacterial and particle filtration efficiencies
  • Latex and silicone-free materials


For more information on whether CleanMax is the right choice for your microelectronics cleanroom application, connect with a Lakeland specialist.

A subfield of electronics, microelectronics describes the development of small electronic materials and components used in power supplies, communications, and other products.

Cleanrooms and controlled environments allow companies to maintain a consistent quality across their products. In the case of microelectronics, cleanrooms mitigate the risk of components being exposed to temperatures, static electricity, and other factors that could cause the malfunction of a product.

Operators in microelectronics cleanrooms will often don disposable coveralls, hand and eye protection, and a mask. The right PPE will vary across organizations and applications, so check out this article to help select the right disposable cleanroom apparel for your use case.

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